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on his shoes he will be buried with a jersey number 80. now means so much. one of the good news stories in sports. what a good inspiration for the kids. >> remember i told you governor nikki haley south carolina she got to appoint somebody to senator demint's speech she has chosen bill scott who is a freshman. he will be south carolina's first black senator and the only african american senator in the united states senate at this time. all of the victim's families heartfelt feelings from us tonight. that's it for the 5. thank you. see you here tomorrow. >> this is a fox news alert. the longest serving senator in u.s. history has died. united states democratic senator daniel inouye world war ii veteran medal of honor recipient died from respiratory
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complications at 5:00 this afternoon. today at walter reed national military medical center. senate majority leader called inouye one of the grates of the chamber. mitch mcconnell said he had every reason to bring attention to himself but quote never did. we will have more on the life of the senator later in the show. the sandy hook elementary school massacre that left 20 children and 6 adults dead began burying the littlest victims as funerals were held for two 6-year-old boys including one whose twin sister survived that rampage. connecticut stit police lieutenant sadie tails were quote too difficult to discuss fktd they could hold the school and the home of adam lanza
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accountable. they pledge to seek change as he slowly recited the firs names of the victims. today white house press secretary jay carney warned that no single action or piece of legislation will prevent shootings like friday's attack. >> crowds lined up for the first of 26 funerals starting with 6-year-old noah pozner. they fell fwhook the ritual of never knowing again. >> they won't be able to drive go on the first date. >> it doesn't just break our hearts, it shatters them. >> neither senate leader called for any new gun laws. >> it was tied to the crusade they knew about. >> taking positions on common sense measure that is he
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believes should be taken to help address this problem. he made clear that more needs to be done. >> far more hesitant than the president at that dramatic prayer service. >> i will use whatever power this office holds to engage my fellow citizens from law enforcement and mental health professionals to parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this. because what choice do we have? >> today new york city mayor michael bloomberg mocked the idea of the fiscal cliff might distract the ability to come together on gun control. >> if congress and the president can't focus on two things at once who on earth did we elect? >> in early 2011 the president made similar promises in tucson noting it was finally time to stop gun violence while adding quote like the ma joer of the of americans i believe the second
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amendment gives the right to bear arms. my administration has not curtailed the rights of gun owners it has expanded them. carney was pressed to name one action the president has taken since then. >> we taken steps on the issue of background checks to make the system more thorough and complete. >> what might be different in this tragedy is all of the children involved making it difficult for the national rifle association to stop action. >> today centrist democrats with a ratings by the nra said for the first time they are open to new gun laws. warner tweeted this was a game changer. manson seemed to agree. >> the one area of possible agreement is diane fine stein is reintroducing a ban on assault weapons. that's something the president
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does support. the president and vice president met with cabinet secretaries to start discussing what regulation they may come up with. >> ed, thank you in the north lawn. >> violence is forcing educators to confront what can dthey do i if anything to make schools safer and more secure. >> at this time we are going to have a moment of silence. >> at district heights elementary in maryland southeast of the capitol first graders received new lessons in life and the loss of it. >> part of the moment of silence you think about how we can continue to care for each other. >> across america local police touched base with school security officers procedures for safety drills were dusted off and revisited. >> we are sitting down at the table now to come up with different ways to keep intruders and suspicious persons out of
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our schools. >> the message hammered home to parents we are trained for situations like this. >> i think there have been several instances since columbine that were stopped result of heightened awareness of school violence. >> counselors and psychologists braced for tough questions the childr uniquely come pose. >> it is important we have age appropriate discussions as the students bring their concerns forward. >> especially with young children. it may not be with words that they ask their questions. it may be with their behavior. >> principals decided to wait until they raised it on their own. a principal e-mailed parents our approach will be to address it as it comes up. i don't want adult initiated conversations to impress more on the children than parents desire. still another principal urged parents to limit the amount of violent imagery their kids take in. while medical professionals advocated more earlier attention
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to children psychological well-being. >> if we dealt more preventatively more outpatient therapy for mental health people more inpatient in crisis so they don't get turned out on the street you would lessen the chances of some kind of violence snapping or some kind of violent incident. >> schools in rich field connecticut 20 miles southwest of newtown went on lock down after reports of a man with a rifle turned out to be an umbrella. the man was charged with breech of police and police in los angeles arrested a man for posting threats on facebook for area school children at the apartment where his parents lived. they reported finding 6 hand guns two rifles and a shot gun. brett? >> thank you. stocks started the week up. the dow added 100. the s&p 500 gained 17. the nasdaq closed 39 ahead. as we told you at the top of the
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show u.s. senator daniel inouye medal of honor recipient and senior senator died from respiratory complications at walter reed national military medical center. hawaii has never been a state without inouye in the body. he first served in the house when hawaii joined the union in 1959 moved to the senate in 1962. by the end of his career he was the most senior member or president pro-tem of the senate making him third in line for the presidency. evidences president pro-tem and he was senior member of the majority party. he was behind vice president biden and speaker boehner. patrick lehey next in line. he joined the senate in 1974. in -- inouye this is what he said marking the pearl har dobo
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attack december 7, 2011. >> the bombing of pearl harbor 7 years ago began a period of my life when i became i hope a good american. it is something that i will never forget. it changed my life forever. something of interest at this moment. i hope that we will remember december the 7th. i hope we will remember 9-11. that was just a few years ago be people are beginning to forget 9-11. if december the 7th is going to teach us anything, it should be that we must remain vigilant at all times.
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knotted just to avoid war but vigilant among ourselves that we would not use this as a justification to set aside our most honored document, the constitution. i hope it will never happen again. >> according to his staff, a statement they put out tonight his last words were aloha, hawaii democratic senator daniel inouye died tonight at 88. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and like something... or you can get out there and actually like something. the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection. five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen.
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>> with fears of a fiscal cliff looming another face to face meeting with the white house between both sides sparks hope that a deal might be in the works. as mike emmanuel reports a lot of work still naedz to be done.
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>> a meeting between obama and speaker boehner lasted 45 minutes late this morning trying to work out a deal on the fiscal cliff. he did not work with reporters after the face to face session with obama. the key moments came in a phone call friday when they had tax rates for those making $1 million. the white house is pushing tax rates for those making more than 250,000 dollars. the components of a deal according to sources close to boehner is 1 trillion on a cut one in revenue. the legislative process through next year can you included payroll tax cuts and tax extenders. increasing it with president obama wanted it as part of a fiscal cliff deal. it would require cuts and reforms of a greater amount but the white house spokesman didn't get into too many specifics but made a pitch for more tax
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revenue. >> the president believes in the parameters of potential agreement with clear. it is also the case that we have not seen a proposal besides the presidents that achieved the balance the president exists be part of the deal. >> heritage action are hammering house republicans for negotiating with themselves in public about how high to increase taxes. >> mike emanuel on the hill. what about this sendipending is we keep hearing so much about. where are your tax dollars going. we take a look in part one of the series "the cost of spending." >> we can't spend ourselves rich. >> presidents have been talking about the federal government spending appetite for decades. president reagan. >> what ails usable be s -- us
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be simply put the president is growing too big. >> this government is too big and spends too much. >> president clinton. >> this is the largest deficit reduction plan in history. >> president george w. bush. >> american families have to balance their budgets so should their government. >> every day families sacrifice to live within their means. they deserve a government that does the same. >> in the recent talks to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff john boehner insists the president has been singing a different tune. >> it is clear the president is not serious cutting spending. but spend something the problem. >> you hear the talking heads every day the back and forth every day. but have you tried recently to get your head around how much the federal government doles out every day? >> when it comes to government spending what's the very basic
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math of the problem we have gotten ourselves into? each day dug the month of november the government brought in a little more than $5 billion of revenue. that's a lot of money. we spend more than 11 billion a day. the difference as you can clearly sees roughly $6 billion. how can we keep spending more than we take in? economists we talk to said it's simple, we can't. the government am spends more than $11 billion a day. where does the majority of that money go? here are the top four out lays at the top of the list department of health and human services which goes through 3 billion of tax dollars a day. social security is a close second at 2 and a half billion dollars daily. military programs come in at 1.8 billion daily. economists say number 4 down there at the bottom the smallest daily out lay of the group dropping down to 854 million a
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day we don't get anything for that. that's $854 million of interest that our country pays on our debt every single day. >> former democratic senator evan bow. >> we can't keep borrowing like this or we will have the same problems that europe is having. that is one of the frustrating things. they are not theoretical. that's not a classroom exercise. you can look at europe and see what happens if we continue down this path very much longer. >> alex rid man bill clinton's budget director put the bulk of the spending problems on the promises to medicare medicaid and lesser extent social security. >> they will drive federal spending occupy faster nan our economy can grow. revenues won't keep up. we have a problem. if you don't have enough revenues to pay for the spending you have to borrow. on the track that we are on if we go on doing what is in the law over the next several decades, our public debt will
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rise fast you are than our economy will grow. when that happens you have real problem. you have to pay interest on that debt and creditors see that your debt is rising faster than your economy is growing so they charge more and more. it is a very bad situation. >> arthur brooks with the american enterprise institute finds sur rent debates about higher taxes misguided with federal spending on over drive. >> it is as simple as a family that does that. the problem is right now you have a situation in which the government in it's over spending ways tries to rationalize it by saying that actually the problem is we are under taxing the american public. like your responsible brother in law runs up his credit card goes bust the real problem is because you stopped sending me checks. it's crazy. that's yoirresponsible. we have a debtor nation that has the mentality if only we could
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squeeze more money out of people who are working honestly earning their living we can solve this problem fblt the truth of the matter is our country spends too much. >> take a closer look at the deficit tomorrow in part 2. so what do you want the government to spend your money on? let me know on twitter. you can follow me at bret baier. still ahead success is a bad thing in one try. we will explain. plus congressman kim scott is headed to the u.s. senate. see how conservatives rate the replacement of tim demint. ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. ♪
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>> weapons of mass destruction
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could fall into the hands of islamic extremists who could use the weapons against the syrian people and blame assad's government. they have plans in place for responding to possible scenarios involving chemical weapons if necessary. they hit a number of targets in ethnic lee disputed areas. deadliest attacks happened in mosul where it killed 7 and south carolina governor nikki haley has chosen the first black u.s. senator in state history to replace outgoing jim demint. we have details about a conservative. >> all things are truly possible in this situation. -- nation. >> tim scott grew up in poverty but with a single mother who refuse to do give up on him will be the first african american
3:25 pm
u.s. senator in south carolina history. >> the fact that you have a black u.s. senator means you have someone who presents literally a different face on the party if you will and perhaps can relate to currently nonrepublican voters. >> she asked scott to fill the seat of jim demint she is aware it makes history but that didn't drive her decision. >> it is very important to me as a minority female that congressman scott earned this seat. he learned this seat for the person that he is. he earned this seat for the results he has shown. >> social and fiscal conservatives praised the pick. pro-life susan b. anthony list said quote congressman tim scott's rise to the senate is great news for the country and pro-life movement. martin of the tea party patriot said it is positive set for the tea party patriots for
3:26 pm
constitutionally limited government and free market. today scott who will have to run again in a special election for 2014 for a chance to serve out demint's full term says he remains focused on fiscal discipline to washington. >> we need to make difficult decisions. often we have conversations about how to create enough revenue to solve the problem. i learned early in my 20s if you have a problem with spending there's not enough revenue to make up for it. we have a spending problem, ladies and gentlemen in america. knotted a revenue -- not a revenue problem. >> he expects to be sworn in on january 3rdrd. once scott give >> thank you. a quick programming note both senate tim scott and nikki haley will join greta van susteren on tonight's on the record at 10:00 p.m. eastern. why secretary of state clinton
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so does aarp, an organization serving the needs of americans 50 and over for generations. so it's no surprise millions have chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, they help cover some of the expenses medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs. to find out more, request your free decision guide. call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> secretary of state hillary clinton insisted today she remained open to testifying if front of lawmaker abouts the deadly attack on the consulate
3:31 pm
in libya. when is another question. katherine harris is here to explain. >> the house and senate foreign affairs committee secretary of state said there's a possibility she may testify on the benghazi terrorist attack in the future but offered no date certain. in the meantime clinton will not testify this week as planned. spokes americperson said she wa go to the hearings but health issues including stomach virus that led to dehydration and a bad fall got in the way. this is how the state department tried to explain it. >> the secretary had anticipated testifying. she had committed to do so with the two committee shares. as we put out on saturday, she is still under the weather. she was diagnosed as having suffered a conclusion and her doctors have urged her to stay home this week.
3:32 pm
>> while clinton is at home recovering her concussion her aids say she is reviewing the findings of the investigation into the benghazi terrorist attacks. two deputies will testify in her place along with former ambassador pickering and mike mullen who led the investigation. on sunday the head of house foreign affairs says clinton must testify. that is the problem with the administration they wanted to have all of the hearings and briefings with a secure setting. the american people wanted to know what the state bept are doing to keep the diplomats safe. >> five days after the attack that killed four americans and u.s. ambassador they took clinton's place. rice say she was asked to sub for the secretary. the bottom line is clinton has been unavailable on two
3:33 pm
occasions to fit publicly on behalf of the benghazi terrorist attacks. >> you know that argument about the fiscal cliff is raging here in washington. another potential show down is underway. this one is about how to fund the recovery from hurricane sandy. the senate gandhi bait over a suppleme -- senate debated. house republicans and fiscal conservatives are resisting saying sandy relief money needs to be offset with cuts elsewhere. as the fracking revolution continues to boom here in the u.s. the energy department is hard at work on a proposal they say would maximize profits by exporting natural gas. a senior correspondent john roberts reports it is a situation setting up unusual partnerships. >> when is success a bad thing? just ask the natural gas
3:34 pm
industry. the shale gas revolution fracking as it is called has been so successful the u.s. has been swamped. >> shale gas took off the domestic crisis plunged $14 per mill to as low as 2. the gas industry asked the feds permission to build 13 terminals to liquefy natural gas for the lucrative export market. >> by exporting we create more jobs and create more economic activity and make ourselves energy secure. >> the battle over experts has created strange bed fellows. they find themselves arm in arm with the oil and gas industries. after a remark they declared exports would be good for the economy. >> we are talking about selling a valuable resource that we have
3:35 pm
in abundance that we can provide to other countries at a cost that brings in valuable money into the united states. >> dow chemical a huge consumer of natural gas. environmental groups fear exports would lead to more fracking more production of greenhouse gases. marquis and dow argue exports could be bad for the economy by raising prices at home. dow ceo says the report offers the baffling con claugs tclusioe better offer using the national gas advantage to fuel growth in other regions verses strengthening the u.s. economy. prices wouldn't rise enough to matter adding dow's opposition is fundamentally unfair. >> what is good for the goose is good for the gander. if they want premarket to work so we can reduce product and
3:36 pm
market it we should pro vivide same standard from the energy industry. >> some argue it could help bring russian dominance in the market and pressure iran. brett? >> john, thank you. >> the signals are now glaring that president obama will actively pursue gun control in coming weeks. where does washington stand and what about the comprehensive solution ideas after friday's shooting in connecticut. we will look at all of it with the all stars when we come back. you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>> in the coming weeks i will use whatever power this office holds to edngage my fellow citizens from law enforcement, mental health professionals, parents and educators in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this.
3:40 pm
because what choice do we have? >> the president's position on the assault weapons ban has not changed. he still supports the reenactment. this is a complex problem and there are obstacles to taking action. >> i ask all of my friends i remember and always have been we need to sit down and move this dialogue wito a sensible reegeae approach. it is part of it not all of it. everything has to be on the table and i think it will be. >> senator joe manchin talking about gun control measures possibly and what would be moving forward in washington after friday's shooting in connecticut. what will move forward? we have our panel. laura your thoughts about you hear all of this talk you hear
3:41 pm
manchin and others. what do you think will come out of this? >> i think the president will bring up the renewal of the assault weapons ban and some of them being clipped multiple weapons clips ammunition clips. beyond that, there are things he can do by executive power and i wouldn't be surprised if he does executive orders restricting import of certain guns. you are seeing a shift you are seeing somebody like joe manchin who is 100 percent nra member. pat lehey liberal on many things but very pro gun in the past is going to hold hearings next month. >> another important figure senator reed we haven't heard from yet but you mentioned mark warner who spoke out this afternoon. take a look at this. >> and i absolutely believe americans have a right to reasonable gun ownership.
3:42 pm
but i also know after this enormous tragedy coming not that long after the tragedy of the -- my daughters asked me friday night, dad you are in the senate why can't we put reasonable restrictions on assault weapons or these rapid fire ammunition clips. i didn't have a good enough answer for them. i as a nra member believe enough is enough. we all need to come to the table and end up with appropriate restrictions. t oo the big question is will there be the votes? for 20-years this issue does nothing but lose an election. they change their mind on this there will be a seat change. you are seeing something different than what happened in the wake of aurora and indiana. close to 50 percent of people think there should be more restrictions on guns. past tragedies haven't made that change in public opinion.
3:43 pm
>> charles? >> i understand this reflects a move to do this. in principal i am not opposed to it. we a decade with an assault weapons ban in the mid 90s lasted for a decade. if you look at the studies had no aappreciateable influence on gun violence. there are three elements it's the shooter, it's the web and the environment. the main thing you want to look at is the weapon. there are other ways of looking at this. if you look at the shooter himself the mental health issue the fact that you cannot get a commitment on these kinds of people i am thinking mostly of jared loughner everybody knew he was a grenade ready to go off. everybody said that. you could only stop him after he killed. we moved rad de to make it
3:44 pm
difficult for people who are dangerous. that has to be on the table and there's also hollywood with the de sense tieszati-- de sensezat violence. they make it ubiquitous. you can image this kid autistic playing these games where you mow people down without consequence. i can understand obama speaking to the nra. is he going to speak to the aclu on commitment and speak to hollywood on at least voluntary curtailment of the obscene amount of violence in their product? >> besides the democrats speaking out about changing their positions we have heard about gun advocates publicly. we heard lewey on fox news sunday who made a case -- well take a listen. >> once you start drawing the
3:45 pm
line where do you stop? the facts are every time guns have been allowed, conceal carry has been allowed the crime rate has gone down. washington, d.c. around us ought to be the safest place in america and it's not. chicago ought to be safe it's not. their gun laws don't work. >> so this debate, i mean we are going to see a big debate. >> you will see a in favor of less mass killings. you have seen the development of this simple narrative in washington where it is the nra and big lobbies and block any progress or any discussion or a these issues. it is more complicated than that. what matters here the details really do matter. what kinds of weapons are you considering banning? what leads to an atrocity like this one?
3:46 pm
part of the reason we haven't had the kind of consensus we have been seeking is we don't agree on what those steps should be. machine guns have been illegal since 1934. it has been illegal to sell or manufacturer automatic weapons. no one can tell you or give you a straight definition of what semiautomatic actually means. >> let me read what senator fine stein's bill says. stop the sale transfer manufacturing more than 100 specifically aimed firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles hand guns detachable magazine
3:47 pm
>> that is from fisenator fine stynes office. >> 900 specific examples of weapons. there was some agreement on potentially limiting the size of magazines. that is the one area where you hear gun advocates and gun control folks with some agreement or at least the beginnings of some agreement. >> but i mean this bill as you are looking at it, this bill could it pass? >> i think it could pass by some version of it. joe manchin said this morning he just came back from deer hunting. he never puts more than 3 clips in his rifle. why do you need the massive amounts of ammunition. there's only one reason to mow people down. >> the question is will it do
3:48 pm
anything? the bill looks almost like the one that passed in 1994 which was in place for 10 years and had no effect. part of the reason was it allowed as this does people to keep the pweapons they already have. ic there are 24 million of these magazines. it would take 100 years supplies would be exhausted. australia accomplished it. they had bans on anything you couldn't have what you already had. you had to sell it the government could buy it. if you had one after that you were raised and it worked. do you think in this country we would stand for it. >> australia only had 7 percent gun owners. >> if she has this exception it will make no difference in the real world but everybody feels great. >> hold on. i was going to talk about the fiscal cliff but the second panel we have more to talk about
3:49 pm
here. i have an interesting question from a viewer who wrote in and i think we should talk about it. stay tuned on the other side of this break.
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
were >> sometimes we take viewer's questions and comments and we bring them to you. this is reads:
3:53 pm
>> gillian thanks for the e-mail. the audio to address the media coverage of this. >> in some ways it's like the classic question poseed by the holocaust for example. thro wrote the book after the holocaust saying the only appropriate answer is silence. there's nothing you can say in words that will be adequate to the task in some ways diminishes just by speaking about it. that's always the problem. on the other hand silence is not
3:54 pm
an answer that society can accept. it has to talk about it. it has to discuss it. and in cases where it's not only in the past but it may lie in the future these kind of mass killings you have to talk about it because of the politics, what you can do. so i do agree with the viewer in some sense that there is an over emphasis and the blanket coverage is perhaps too much. people say what do we tell our children. you can shut off the media so it doesn't have to invade the life of a 3-year-old, a 6-year-old, a 9-year-old living in a different part of the united states but in the end it will penetrate because that's the kind of global culture we live in. if it's going to let's talk about it and be reasonable about solutions that might work. >> nonstop coverage. >> everything the media does is too much. almost everything the media does. in any extreme covering any kind of horrible violent or extreme system. there's too much media. >> there are 24-hours a day,
3:55 pm
there's 24 channels test on the internet. there are things people can understand and relate to they can't get enough of it. i sympathize with the viewer. i don't know what we could do about it. you have to mourn appropriately and figure out what to do to prevent something like this from happening in the future. but i think that respect for the families is the bottom line here. >> i think for me the question is not that it is being covered but how it is being covered. i remember back in journalism school this was a long time ago in original reporting in one class. one of the assignments was to go out and find in the newspaper the family of someone who had just been killed or just died and set up an interview. i said i am not going to do that particularly for a journalism school class. i had a personal experience dealing with this when the gulf war when one of my friends was killed in the fighting in saudi arabia. his house became a camp out for these news cameras and we were
3:56 pm
so angry at the reporters who were there all of the time. the second you walked out of the front door they were there with a microphone in your face. i will say after covering 9-11 and being in new york on the 12th you get a different sense to a certain extent. you have family members that want the person to be remembered and be remembered in a particular way they are telling the story. >> balanced. that's what we are trying to do here. hopefully we will on special report. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to find out what else is coming to washington, d.c. this holiday season besides santa. victor! victor!
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